Sector 3 is the middle-class Sector of Citeis, where salary-men and other office workers reside and make a living. The Sector is lined almost completely with tall skyscrapers that consist of offices or apartments. The floors of the buildings are rarely ever lobby areas, but are either restaurants, gyms, supermarkets, or other stores, with small doors or elevators between each business leading to the floors above. Even though Sector 3 has a large population, a few of it's large skyscrapers could be considered 'abandoned', and many gangs use these mostly empty buildings as their hideouts. Gang shootouts with rival gangs and law enforcement is a common occurrence on the streets of Sector 3, however the everyday citizen would know to steer clear of gang occupied areas.

Notable Locations

The Classical Sports Center

The Classical Sports Center is based in a medium-sized building, and is considered to be both a gym and museum. The Classical Sports Center is dedicated to preserving records and replicating old sports from millennia ago. Some sports include 'Bask Ball', and the hotly debated 'Foot Ball' and it's many variants.

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