Sector 2 is the upper-middle class Sector of Citeis, consisting of large city sections in the middle, with penthouse apartments fading into suburbs that get large the closer they are to the wall. The Sector is known for being extremely authoritarian, with cameras littering the streets, very little escapes the eyes of the law.

Despite the police-state nature of Sector 2, a few small mafia groups have managed to bribe their way through the government and establish certain areas known as "extra tax areas", which require citizens who live in such areas to pay higher taxes, with a cut going to the mafia groups. Failure to pay these extra taxes result in the citizen(s) being arrested for tax evasion.

Notable Locations

Sector 2 is home to the largest grounded ComR Station in Citeis. It is heavily guarded and is the only ComR Station in the Hargis Galaxy to have permanent employees who live on premise, and not allowed to leave. It is one of the only non-privately owned ComR Stations on Citeis.

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