- "You know you've made it once you step foot into The Cylinder"
Sector 1 is known as the 'high-class' Sector of Citeis, and is generally seen as a 'safe haven' for the rich and powerful of the Hargis Galaxy. The city of Sector 1 is comprised of the large mega-structure known as "The Cylinder", surrounded by office buildings and penthouses, with parks and residential areas of various sizes surrounding those. Sector 1 is home to one of the fastest transportation systems in the Hargis Galaxy, known as the Night Tube.

The Cylinder

Well known across Citeis, The Cylinder is a mega-structure which contains many luxuries and shopping opportunities for the rich and powerful. It's home to many luxury pass-times such as pools, spas, and expensive sporting facilities.

The Cylinder is the most protected structure in Citeis, with automated facial recognition systems that dispatch security to anyone who is not a registered citizen of Sector 1, before they even set foot inside of the mega-structure.

It's size is generally first met with awe, as it breaks through the clouds that cover most of Sector 1.

The Night Tube

The Night Tube is one of the fastest methods of transportation known in the Hargis Galaxy. It's a long series of tubes which live underneath the ground and along the walls of The Cylinder. It can transport a person from one side of the Sector to the other in under 30 minutes.

People enter the Night Tube, and are then safely secured onto a seat. They are then injected with a serum that puts them to sleep, (Hence the name the 'Night Tube') which stops them from an uncomfortable passing out due to the g-force they experience during the ride. Once they arrive at their destination, they are injected once again by a different serum that wakes them up and energies them. To the person, the ride feels almost instantaneous.

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