Olivia Dire Silican runs the largest illegal gun-trade organisation in Citeis for The Merc Bar. She is known to be a strong force in Sector 9 business deals and it is common for her to take massive risks which typically result in a win for her and her businesses. She has a keen eye when it comes to picking those who work for her, having formed a specialist team of managers and enforcers known as the "Dire Fawn".

It's common knowledge among gun runners that Olivia is constantly at odds with rival gun traders, wanting to take over their businesses. To complicate things, The Merc Bar owns most of the gun-trading organisations in Sectors 5 and 6, making it hard for Olivia to make a move on rival traders. Rumours have been spreading of Olivia's Dire Fawn secretly taking down smaller gun traders and making it look like an accident, however due to the secrecy of the Dire Fawn, no one can say for sure.

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