General Information

The Hargis Galaxy is a relatively large galactic formation, which is currently under the control of United Intergalactic Nations of Overseer Collis.

Astrological Data

The Hargis Galaxy is a 4 arm spiral galaxy, which contains over 4500 stars, around 1400 of which have planetary formations. These stars orbit around a supermassive stellar mass black hole, with a mass of around 800,000 suns. The large majority of celestial bodies within Hargis are entirely hostile to life, with few naturally occurring habitable locations.

Notable Locations

The capital world of the United Intergalactic Nations of Overseer Collis is notable for its location outside of the standard galactic-stellar plane, within the central cluster of the galaxy.

The Napun trinary is a critical central cluster star system, within which 12 of 16 ComR stations have been destroyed by piracy and civil unrest within penal colonies. The remaining two (individually privately owned) ComR stations have been allowed to continue operation on grounds that their destruction would cut off the entire sector’s communications from the rest of the Hargis galaxy.

Hargis is home to the synthetically engineered ecumenopolis planet known as Citeis.

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