The ever mysterious host of the Citeis-based underground pirate radio, Sec 9 Pirate Radio. The real Acti Horwal has never been found, however there have been many attempts on his life by law enforcement (particularly those in the Citeis Radio Protection Department). These attempts on his life have usually been on what are supposedly Acti's body doubles.

Although he's never shown his face to the public, Acti as a person is generally well received by the public and people who associate with Sector 9.

Acti's Body Doubles.

Acti's body doubles are a mystery to many of the people of Citeis. A typical body double for Acti wears plain clothes, and a large round helmet that covers the entire face and neck that looks like an eyeball. The radio signals for Sec 9 Pirate Radio are broadcasted from these helmets, and later picked up by radio amplifiers placed around their roaming zone. No one has successfully found the identity of any of the body doubles, as removing the helmet causes it to explode, destroying the head of double. All of the body doubles act similarly, generally walking around a set route, rarely deviating, and only to repair/replace broken radio amplifiers. The number of body doubles are rumoured to be the in hundreds of thousands, and it's rare for a person living in Sector 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 to have never seen one.

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